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Mozart Analytics - Big Data and High End Software Development


We specialize in collecting and analyzing massive amounts of data from any source, specially social and news media, to provide real-time insights to our customers as a tool for aiding them in making informed and accurate decisions.



Social Analytics & Natural Language Processing

We scour the social web to discover trends, insights, and the public sentiment around your brand.

From Legacy to Cloud

Or as we call it: “Cloud Enablement”. We analyze your current system and related infrastructure, and convert it to work exclusively in the Cloud, drastically improving its performance while significantly reducing your costs.

Internet of Things

Billions of interconnected, data generating, uniquely identifiable objects? We can help you handle a sea of those devices and orchestrate their operation.

Cloud Services Consulting

We speak cloud because we live in the cloud. Hundreds of services and connections, our complete big data and analytics platform operates, scales and orchestrates in the cloud. Our experts have vast experience operating Public Cloud ecosystems as well as private or hybrid, OpenStack based deployments.

Big Data

From sensors and data, to predictions and intelligence, we will find patterns to leap you ahead of the competition.


Established by two Software Research Engineers with more than 10 years of experience, we are one of the first companies offering Big Data and Analytics services in Latin America and the Caribbean. Located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, we enjoy a privileged position that gives us incomparable access to latin and anglo saxon markets. All our products and services are tailored to both the Spanish and the English speaking community, giving us the competitive edge in these state-of-the-art technologies.

Moreover, the convergence of these factors has enabled us, to not only offer these specialized consulting services to our clients, but to also develop our own technologies and services custom fitted for these markets.